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Robbery Bobstrong> Free can be really a plan and action game in overhead view where you’ve got to enable a burglar devote all of his offenses. It wont be a simple endeavor, as normally you should need to keep taken of a series of cops, protect dogs, and acquaintances that are trying to put a stop to your legal livelihood. The controllers at Robbery Bob Free are extremely simple: at the very top left of this screen you will come across a digital joystick to maneuver Bob publicly round the degree, whereas towards the very top is the own button to perform. You decide up money as well as also other people’s belongings once you walk beyond them. Probably one among the most interesting things concerning Robbery Bob Free is it’s not simply degree after insistent degree — there exists a suitable story for this. Since you proceed during the game’s a couple dozen degrees it’s possible to show your dodgy character’s last bit .

Robbery Bobis a puzzle game in which player must command a very skilfull burglar – Bob. The most important assignment of this Bob would be to enter home, analyze everything and steal all precious things. It can seem like an easy endeavor, however, there are a whole lot of obstacles in your way – a few homes have modern security methods, such as guards and cameras. At the start of the game, you’ll need to steal cash from homes without an excessive amount of safety methods, however as you progress and become a favorite burglar, you’ll need to complete difficult tasks and steal cash in the front of the homeowners.


Game includes a very amazing graphics. The homes in addition to personalities are created very carefully and I am certain that you will love playing the sport very much. At our site that is completely dedicated to this sport, you are able to perform Robbery Bob in addition to some other variations of this great game. Pay attention to the game controllers below in addition to this walkthrough video. Enjoy playing the sport at no cost in our site